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Website Makeover: South Hill Sugar

The changes South Hill Sugar implemented demonstrate how subtle updates can make substantial impact. Site owner Elizabeth Coggin already had a solid brand identity established for her business. The design team evaluating her website agreed that her color palette, background and banner all worked well together to promote the salon services she offered but we believed we could help take her website to the next level.

Our team suggested an updated “Book Now” button that would be both more prominent on the page and less pixelated, offering a cleaner and more professional look. We also advised that her page was not balanced and that the mix of fonts and right alignment of text for the Men’s services was impacting readability and did not look professional.

By placing two Custom Panel widgets inside a Column Divider widget, we were able to create a list of services that clearly differentiated the salon services offered for men and women in a clean manner with a strong visual impact that echoed her color palette and restored balance to the page. We standardized the text on the page using the headings offered in the Text Widget, left aligned the Men’s service text and suggested a different color or background to improve readability.

We think the end result provides a more refined Services page that will inspire consumer confidence and encourage her website visitors to “Book Now”!

South Hill Sugar Before and After

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