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Website Makeover: Grand Union Diesel Services

Grand Union Diesel Services (GUDS) specializes in diesel polishing and tank cleaning. It’s a messy job, so we wanted their website to look clean. A bright white background signifies what their customers can expect from the inside of their fuel lines once GUDS has completed a job.

We also created a custom logo in order to build trust and provide a more polished look. This adds a sense of legitimacy to any brand but proved especially important for GUDS as their business serves to protect their customers safety by performing a critical service. Included in their logo is their full business name and a description of what they do so that the services they offer are instantly clear at a glance.

Changing the style allowed us to reclaim the space previously used for the navigation menu to present all the pertinent business information in one clean, easy to read page.

Finally, adding a large call to action link offering a no-obligation quote directly beneath the business services description is sure to increase the leads generated by visitors to this website.

GUDS Before and After

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1 thought on “Website Makeover: Grand Union Diesel Services”

  1. I would have left a bit more space between the text fields/frames etc.
    Why have you not added a favicon? (so easy to do)

    I love the Facebook link image 😉

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