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The Top 5 Help Requests at Yola

Our support team finds that our customers often need help with similar topics. We thought it would be a good idea to compile a list of the top 5 help requests we see at Yola and to provide a brief solution for each request.

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1.    How do I find the email address that I logged in with originally?
Many people use various email addresses for various things. Keeping track of which email is used for what account can become complicated. If you find that you’ve forgotten which email address you used for your Yola account. You can try entering each of your email addresses into the field provided on the Forgot your password page. When you’ve entered the correct address, you will be automatically sent a “reset password” email within 24 hours. Then check your accounts for the email in your inbox and Spam or Junk folders. If you still can’t find it, you can contact us to answer some security questions, and we will try to help you reclaim your account.

To avoid problems like these in the future, you can keep a document or spreadsheet with the emails and passwords to your accounts. Keep it somewhere very safe for future use.

2)    How do I renew my domain on my Yola account?
Yola will never let your domain expire without giving you an opportunity to renew it. Up to three months before your domain is due to expire, Yola will email you instructions on how to renew your domain.

However, if you would still like to go ahead and renew your domain early, you can definitely do so. Just log into your account and click on the Domain tab. Your domains will be listed at the top of the page, click on the “Renew” button to renew your domain. It’s that simple.

3)     How do I renew hosting on my Yola account?
There are two ways to renew your hosting, either manually or by auto-renewal billing. Set up your Yola accounts and payments with auto-renewal billing so that you don’t have to remember when to pay.

Auto-renewal is a hassle-free and convenient way for Yola to ensure so that your account is always up-to-date; your Yola hosting subscription doesn’t expire; or that any of your add-ons, domain name and your account doesn’t get downgraded.

It’s perfectly safe and you can always change your auto-renew settings.

By auto-renewing your subscriptions, Yola can ensure that your customers have uninterrupted access to your site and that you continue to enjoy Yola’s premium features. You can focus on building your site, and your business!

4)    How do I add a Captcha to my form?
It can be frustrating to receive spam and blank submissions via your Yola Form – and that it feels like you’re missing out on legitimate inquiries. One way to combat this is to add a CAPTCHA to your form.

Yola CAPTCHA screen shot
The Yola form comes with a built-in CAPTCHA, and it helps ensure that your form can’t be submitted unless the CAPTCHA is entered. Should a visitor not enter the CAPTCHA words, the form post will fail.

To add this to your form, simple click edit on the top left of the Form Widget. A dialog box will open. Click “Add new field.” Then scroll to the bottom of the drop down and choose “Spam Protector (Captcha).” Click save and then Publish to update your site with the form. You can bookmark this tutorial for further reference.

5)    How do I reset my password?
We all have so much going on and sometimes we just can’t remember what we used for a password. Your password is for your security so you need to reset it yourself to verify your ownership of the account.

Once you have tried all your usual passwords and its still not working, you can try resetting your password. Go to the Forgot password page and fill in the email you used to create your account in the field. Click on the “Reset password” button. An email will then be sent to you with a link to reset your password. Check your junk/spam folder, if it’s not in your inbox after a few hours.

This link will take you to a page where you can type in your new password. You will then be able to log into your account with your original email address and your new password.

Yola Password Reset

If you have any further issues, fee free to browse our help center with all our FAQs and tutorials.

But our awesome, friendly and award-winning support staff is always happy to assist via our call center or online support.

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