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5 ways to build a relationship with your followers

When it comes to building your business brand and spreading the digital word-of-mouth about your product, your online followers are invaluable. More than ever, consumers are browsing search engines and social media networks in hunt for product reviews before even thinking of clicking that “Buy now” button. For that reason alone, it’s incredibly important to make sure that any information available about your business is positive, and get’s your inquirers … Read more

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Integrating your website with your Facebook page

By now, we all know how essential it is for businesses to have an online presence. Although having a website may be the most important factor, it certainly isn’t the only one. Once your site is up and running, social media is a great compliment to your freshly-built site and can expand your online presence. Using Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter are very good ways of increasing your visibility and will in … Read more

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Things to remember when starting a business

Starting a business can be rewarding in many ways. Taking an idea and turning it into a successful business is an incredible feat which requires hard work and dedication to see it through. There are always various factors, sometimes out of your control, that can make or break a new business. It’s important to see the bigger picture, be agile and build a self sustaining business built for the long … Read more

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Improving your contact page and form

In any business, your main priority should be your customers. That being said, making it easy to get in contact with you with very little effort is imperative. A contact form provides exactly that – an easy way for customers to reach out to you. With a contact form, you have the option of endless customization. You have the ability to simply ask visitors for their name and email address, … Read more

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Yola Presents Best Website Prize to University of Cape Town Business Education Initiative

Yola is a proud sponsor of the University of Cape Town (UCT) Business Strategy Program in Cape Town, South Africa. Initially, we approached UCT to use Yola as an education tool in their Business Science program, which requires the students to come up with a an idea for a start up business, investigate the viability of the business through market research, create a finance and business plan as well as … Read more

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