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5 ways to build a relationship with your followers

When it comes to building your business brand and spreading the digital word-of-mouth about your product, your online followers are invaluable. More than ever, consumers are browsing search engines and social media networks in hunt for product reviews before even thinking of clicking that “Buy now” button.

For that reason alone, it’s incredibly important to make sure that any information available about your business is positive, and get’s your inquirers purchasing.

In order to build a better online reputation, build a good rapport with your most engaged users. Nurture the relationships of your brand advocates in order to encourage continued positive engagement.

Today we have five easy ways to get you started.


  • Listen to Feedback: Make sure you know exactly what’s been said about your business and offering. Take this valuable insight into consideration – use it if you can, or explain why it can’t be done. Show your followers that you hear what they’re saying and you value their opinion.
  • Respond in a positive way: When your followers post a comment or tweet, be sure to take the time to respond, thus continuing the conversation. Real, authentic responses are key to making your follower feel heard.
  • Recognize loyalty: Try featuring your biggest fans in a blog post or throughout your social media networks. Encourage them to help you build the brand they feel passionate about. Let them share their stories and experiences. Keep them in-the-know with new products before releasing the information to the general public. This kind of interaction rewards brand loyalty, and generates a buzz around you and your business.


  • Make your users feel important: Invite your most engaged followers to test a new idea and provide feedback. Give out surveys, asking them what releases they’d like to see, and what they’d like changed. This will improve your offering, and give your top customers a sense of brand ownership.
  • Reward Referrals: Referrals are a powerful tool in business development. Encouraging your happy customers and followers to refer your business to their friends, families and colleagues is a wonderful way to build your brand. Try rewarding the best referrals with discounts or promotions to thank them, and to encourage this behavior to continue.

With 72% of consumers trusting online reviews as much as personal recommendations, your online reputation is extremely important. Social media is one of the best ways to differentiate your business from your competitors. If your name is continuously popping up in a positive light, your business brand will reap the benefits.

Taking the time to develop a core base of loyal social followers can have a lasting, positive impact on your business development. How do you engage with your followers?

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