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Introducing: Sitebuilder+

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Since our inception in 2007, websites have changed drastically, mobile traffic has surpassed that of desktop, and consumers are buying more products online than ever.

While websites are changing, so are we. We’ve set a goal to design a platform that gives you the freedom to craft websites wherever you are and from any device. A toolset that empowers you to create a professional website that utilizes modern web trends, like photo filters and animations, without design experience. A platform that makes it easy to add your own content then uses design automation to ensure your website always looks great. And today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve reached that goal. Introducing, Sitebuilder+.

TL;DR: Try Sitebuilder+ now

What is Sitebuilder+?

Sitebuilder+ is a modern, intuitive platform, empowering customers of all experience levels to craft beautiful, professional websites quickly and from any device

The platform takes a drastic new approach to site building, putting you in the driver’s seat to craft an online presence through an entire library of agency-quality, pre-defined building blocks. This new approach makes for an even easier, more efficient design process, allowing you to focus on crafting your unique content.

In addition to a new content structure, Sitebuilder+ makes it easy to add your own content and retain the design of the template. The platform uses design automation, automatically adding photo filters to background images, adjusting font color schemes to keep your copy legible, and maneuvering content to make sure it always remains responsive.

Best of all, it’s ready for you today. Ready to kick the tires? New customers can start building a website by creating an account, and existing customers can click the Add a new site button from the My Yola Dashboard.


How do I get help?
We have an entire knowledge base of searchable tutorials available to you within the platform (Help > Tutorials). These resources are available to you here as well!

I’m already a Yola customer, what happens to my current website?
For now, Sitebuilder Classic will remain available for current sites and for customers who prefer to build new sites there. If you would like to create a new website with Sitebuilder+, you’re welcome to so from your My Yola Dashboard.

Does it require a new subscription?
Accessing the Sitebuilder+ does not require a new subscription. Adding a website with the new platform will be included within your current hosting plan allotment (example: Yola Silver and Gold subscribers have access to 25 sites within a single subscription).

Ready to get started? We’d love to see what you build! Share your published sites with us on social media using the hashtag #thenewyola or within the comments section below!