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Introducing Website Makeovers

Last month we asked for volunteers who would be interested in having their website reviewed by Yola design experts. We were delighted by the positive response to our invitation and immediately began working with qualified website owners on improving their websites.

The recommendations we provide are centered around the following goals to help improve your website and business:

  • Improving the overall branding and aesthetics of the website so your objective is clear at a glance
  • Addressing content quality and layout to improve readability
  • Improving navigation and content organization so visitors can find the information they are searching for easily
  • Increasing business leads or sales

Below are some samples of the progress we are making with the websites that we are currently working on. In the coming months we will be featuring these website makeovers and detailing the design feedback and suggestions that we have been sharing with the Sitebuilder owners we are working with.  We think the transformations are stunning and can’t wait to share them with you!

GUDS After

If you would like your website to be considered for a design review and possible makeover, please add your website address to this thread.

25 thoughts on “Introducing Website Makeovers”

  1. I would appreciate any feedback that Yola would be willing to give me about my website. I mostly like how it is except i would like to have more control over the menu style. Also, I notice that my website looks good on most devices and in most browsers except IE. IE does not display the color gradient that I put in, and that I like. My Yola website is

  2. Am I the only one who thinks that the new sites are a little bit ugly? It really doesn’t seem that a great design job has been done on the new sites.

  3. Hi Yola, I’ve been using this service for a long time now and I love it! I was wondering if I could get some feedback or suggestions for my website? I would really appreciate it. Also, how can I add different font styles to the website?

  4. I’m requesting a review of my website because I’m not getting any conversions. I currently have a 1.36% CTR with Google Adwords. I have redone my website several times and now I need expert advice. I am a new to this like most of your clients and could really benefit from some help. I believe proper design is extremely important for conversion and I think Yola has a great platform. Since this will be my new career, I will make all of your recommended changes and will be happy to tell others of my sucess with Yola. My website is
    Thank you.

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