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Introducing the New & Improved Sitebuilder

Back in April we told you about some big changes coming to the Sitebuilder and we’re excited to announce that the future is now! We have rebuilt the Sitebuilder from the bottom up.  To make it easier to use, we have taken our most popular features and put them in one easy-to-access place.  The new toolbar at the bottom of the Sitebuilder makes it easy for you to find the tools needed to make your website look great.

The New Sitebuilder

Finding a new home in the bottom toolbar, the widget panel can now be easily hidden and shown by clicking on the “Widgets” button. Custom fonts, which we recently added, have a new home next to the Widgets panel, to make it even easier to customize the fonts on your site. Next to that we have our completely redesigned style selector. We have now made it much faster to change styles and try out fresh new looks for your website. Simply scroll through our list of professionally designed styles, click, and instantly see what your site looks like in a new style. We think you will find it much easier to discover and try out new styles.

New Style Selector

We have also added the layout controls to round out the customization area of the website toolbar. This should make it even easier to change the layout of your page.

On the left, we have included a home for messages and domain options you might have missed previously.

When you don’t need a tool, just click to hide it. The end result should be easier access to the tools you need and less clutter when you just need to get in and update some text.

And that is just the visible changes. We have retooled almost every aspect of the Sitebuilder making it run faster and smoother for all users. We hope you love the changes and look forward to your feedback!

7 thoughts on “Introducing the New & Improved Sitebuilder”

  1. Great improvements. Now if Yola could fix the bugs in the Blog (picture loading) and update some of the features everything would be heaven! Any chance on this – I use my Blog a lot and don’t want to have to set up a separate one. As a Silver customer I would appreciate this upgrade.

  2. Hi everyone,
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