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Improved Image Editing Tools and Payment Gateway for Yola Customers!

On Tuesday 21 April we rolled out a round of bug fixes and new features. Here is a summary of what we released:

1) Added tools for editing text with images in the text widget. Many people have requested more layout options for their text and images. Now when you add an image inside a text widget you will see 3 new icons at the end of the text editing toolbar. These allow you to select “no wrap,” “wrap left” and “wrap right”. This way you can have text flowing around your image without having to do any HTML editing.

Tip: make sure you have an image selected in your text widget to see these icons.

2) Security measure to prevent accidental site deletions. We were distressed to find that too many people were accidentally deleting their sites and losing their hard work. In response to your feedback we have removed the “delete site” button from the My Sites page and you will be asked to type in confirmation before deleting a site.

3) We have released a new secure payment service allowing users to use a credit card to easily purchase domain names (in addition to the current option of paying via PayPal)

Thank you for your patience during the release. We hope you enjoy creating even better looking sites with the new tools available!

5 thoughts on “Improved Image Editing Tools and Payment Gateway for Yola Customers!”

  1. well if you removed the delete site button then how are we suppossed to delete it!!!???? Y didnt you just put an are you sure button after it!! someone tell me how to delete a site since yola doesnt know wut i meen

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