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Yola Roadmap

We often get asked, “what is Yola working on?” The answer is: tons!

We have a very exciting couple of quarters ahead of us and we wanted to share a piece of that excitement with you. Here is a sneak peek into what you can look forward to seeing:


  • New container widget for adding borders, boxes and containers to your site. You can use the custom container widget to help spice up your layout and gain greater control over the presentation of things on the page. You will be able to easily customize the border, background, and drop-shadow of the container. Once you have styled it, you can easily drop other widgets inside!
  • New Flash widget for displaying Flash files on your site.
  • Better header editing! We will be giving you greater control over the way the header text displays. Soon you will be able to change the color, size and font of your page heading.
  • Form widget improvement: adding a CAPTCHA field. Finally relief from spammers submitting bogus entries in your contact form. The CAPTCHA “human test” will help prevent robots from submitting things to your contact us form. If you like robots, you can always turn this off.

Next Several Months

  • My Store & eCommerce! A new eCommerce package is coming. Included will be all the tools people need to create and manage an online store. You will get a full suite of tools including inventory management and a brand new online store widget. Selling things online will be as simple as 1-2-3.
  • Better banner editing! We will be updating the banner editor to make it easier to crop and edit your banners images. This will include adding Picnik image editing, as well as new defaults and Fotolia integration.
  • New styles!
  • And what better way to show off these new styles, but with a quicker, sleeker style selection tool. Goodbye small preview window, hello instant, full-screen page preview!


  • More form widget improvements including a new survey template and the ability to create mandatory fields.
  • Google Docs integration! Soon adding Google Doc into your pages will be as easy as dragging a widget onto your page. It will let you embed text, spreadsheets, presentations, calendars and drawings!
  • Mobile sites! Using optimized styles for smart phones and mobile devices, you will be able to publish mobile versions of your site. With no additional work, you can be sure your site looks as good on a smart phone as it does on your desktop.

And this is just a taste; there is so much more! Things are changing all the time and but these are just some of the great features we are excited to be able to bring to you. We will keep you posted!

Thanks everyone!

3 thoughts on “Yola Roadmap”

  1. Yola is great. I love that things are always being added.

    How about adding the option to add anchors instead of just links? I would love to simply click on the links button and create an anchor to an article that’s on another page of my site. Especially things like when I want to remind them to vote in the monthly poll.

    Ohh, and how about a column divider where we can tell it how many columns we need. I would love an odd number of columns instead of even.

    Thanks for listening!

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