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Improved Site Builder & more New Features!

We are excited to announce the release of the improved Site Builder. These improvements will make your website building experience quicker and easier than ever before!

What to expect from this release:

Easy access to tools you use most often
More screen space to work on your site
Quick navigation between sites and pages
Simple and elegant look and feel
Friendly welcome page with list of sites that you are working on
Quicker access to your site after logging in
• Ability to add metadata to your pages

Don’t worry, you will be able to access all your sites interface and your published sites will remain live, so your visitors will still be able to visit your sites.

The support team worked hard to make sure that there are updated tutorials and a glossary of terms to help you along and they are ready answer any questions that you may have.

Apart from working hard on improving the interface, we also added two new features:

1. Google Webmaster configuration
Google Webmaster Tools provide you with detailed reports about your pages’ visibility on Google. To get started, simply add and verify your site, and you’ll start to see information right away. To get started, simply sign up with Google Webmaster, verify your site and then add your page properties in the Site Builder.

2. Flickr Lightbox Widget
This widget provides an attractive and intuitive way for displaying photographs on your site. It is a great way for photographers and artists to showcase their works. You can find this widget in the Site Builder, in the sidebar under “Photo Galleries”.

You can visit the SynthaSite Community and share your views or check out what others have to say about the improvements.

To view detailed release notes, click here.

We know that you are dying to check it out, so go ahead and create or edit your sites now!

15 thoughts on “Improved Site Builder & more New Features!”

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  2. Thanks for the improvement to the file manager. Makes it a lot easier to use and faster. Synthasite does amaze me, lots of room, plenty of size for photos, very fast loading, lots of help available and no adds and its FREE..
    The only down side I have and it would not effect everyone, is the storage page for photos, it fills and slows down a fantastic program, four storage pages would fix this and I have no doubt in time it will come. Keep up the great work, you are fantastic, Regards Col

  3. I just started using synthasite, I really like it a lot so far. It’s so simple, yet looks great, better than anything I’ve come across yet. without the many problems I’ve experienced with other sitebuilders. I have not published my sythasite yet. I have a published site: What attracted me the most to synthasite was the google webmaster configuration, and the ability to add keywords and tags for each page. very unique.
    As most know getting ranked with google is of the utmost importance, for any success at all. Keep up the good work guys.

  4. Hi Judy

    I am glad your initial impressions of SynthaSite are so positive. We know the Google Webmaster and Keywords features are really important and we added these in response to numerous requests from our customers. It is rewarding to have someone appreciate this added value. We hope you will have a great time building a website with us!

  5. Helo im a user of you website i have 2 now and i was wondering could you make like wiget or something to do with a comment box or guestbook coz i wanna have a guestbook or comment page so people can tell me wot the think of my website

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