Yola News 33

New features are live

We did an upgrade recently and here is a summary of the new features that were added:

  1. More customizable styles. We have added 4 new styles, with 8 colour palettes each. In addition to being able to select from a variety of colour palettes, these styles allow you to change the background image. (Click on the Properties sidebar and scroll down until you see the option to browse for a background image) We have kept the styles as plain as possible so that you can customize them to fit content of your site
  2. Improved text editing. The text widget should be much more stable and easy to use now. The text widget has been overhauled and we have addressed a number of bugs in the process.
  3. Tell your friends when you publish or update your site! When you publish you will see an option to tell your friends about your site. Select from your address book or send messages to your social networks (Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Plaxo). Use our pre-written message or compose your own.

We hope you enjoy these new features!

  • I don’t like when Sexual thing are put infromt of games Widgetbox just did and I don’t appriciate that…Becouse I have people that are Minor coming into my site They just put an Advertise about VIrtual Girl CAN YOU PLEASE Have them not PUt that …

  • This is AWESOME!
    Thanks Synthasite!

    To see what Synthasite’s easy tools did for me, check out my sites,


    Thanks Again!

  • Great job! Love everything you have put out to date. Plus never met a group that works harder trying to give us what we want. Congratulations on the award. You all deserve it. Still building my website, but it is getting easier with each new feature you give me.

    Love it, love it, love it….


  • Monique

    Hi Carlos

    While I understand your concern, Widgetbox is a third party service that you can use with SynthaSite at your own discretion. We have no control over their content. If you see something you don’t like, please take this up with Widgetbox or simply avoid the widget that is causing you a problem.

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  • On behalf of your many esteemed customers, i take this opportunity to thank you all for having nmade us realize our dreams and to explore the successful way of life. I stand therein to wish you a captivating and magnetizing merry christmas and a fantamaculous happy new year. Thanks for your continued support.


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  • Wow…. found synthasite quite by accident really while searching for somewhere decent to relocate my MSN Group due to the closure in Feb 09.
    Honestly? I have searched so darn many sites promising and claiming to match MSN groups workings… but YOUR design features are by far the best I have found to date in the free category and if I may say… many of the paid ones too!

    I love it! Its easy and I have worked out how I can still use the themed pages on the site which has made my day.

    Thanks so much you guys are just brilliant and I intend to inform many other MSN Group managers that you exist and how usable your site builder is! I am sure once this gets out on MSN Groups you will have an influx!!!!!

    Again I must say I am so pleased to have found synthasite and shall now remain here loyally.

    Have a great xmas/holiday season guy’s and heres to a long relationship!


  • Oops … I’m still learning haha …. now the correct URL to my site is added >)

  • This is SO COOL!!
    Thanks so much Synthasite!

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  • I reconstructed my site using one of these new templates and it turned out the way i want it to be! Thanks Synthasite! Great job!


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  • I recently got my new (Synthasite) website out there to show and promote my watercolor art. I actually was given another site (brand X) as a gift, but could not understand the highly technical explanations and directions, but when I went to Synthasite, I found it easy to do, and what little help I asked for I got right away. This is a really great operation that I could not believe was a free service. I love my new website, and hope you might take a look at it too and offer any suggestions you might have.

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  • justin

    When is synthasite going to add more stuff!

    Like, Let Synthasite Users, make their OWN Users.

    2. Please Synthasite, Get Some better Templates, CSS, XHTMl, HTML! I Don’t care just some better ones! And maybe a program that lets you use (Upload) your own templates.

    3. Widgets that don’t say the following: “Get Widget”.
    This is so, Annoying!

    4. This is very IMPORTANT: Please Synthasite can you make your top of the pages not so big, Because it is so hard to find a exact size that will fit, and even if you find one thats the EXACT size, its a paid website only to get the banner!

    5. Please make other options with the programs like “Advertising” Other than – “Google AdSense” Please more companies to choose from.

    Overall, SynthaSite is not so bad. But it would be “Great” if it UPGRADED some more!

    So when are these UPgrades going to be available!

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    I have been wanting my own site for ages to advertise my Photography Services.

    Now I have one, thanks to your easy to use Web Tools that even the novice can use effectively.

    Looking forward to seeing the site grow from strength to strength and also to new and exciting features and tools.

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  • Your new feature allowing uploads of JPEG images straight from the PC is excellent, cuts out several steps so speeds up updating significantly and does not clog the images file with redundant images.

    Q. Is it possible to change the colour of the text which resides behind the Banner at the top of each page? There are occasions when it might be helpful for this to be more visible.

  • love the site just what I was looking for!

  • Hare Krsna,
    Synthasite is an awesome thing, something that can help minnows in the field of web to create wonders for themselves.

    I would like the thank the Webmaster to giving such a wonderful web-tool.

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  • L J Ciolkosz

    I’ve got several PowerPoint Driver Education lessons on my site. When a student clicks a lesson, the dialog box gives them the option to either open or save it. Does anyone know how this dialog box can be modified to just give them the OPEN option but not the save option?

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