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Friday Roundup: Wisdom from Around the Web

We know your time is precious. So every Friday, we’ll be rounding up a few of the week’s best small business strategy, web marketing, and site tips for you to quickly scan, use, and just plain enjoy. Here goes!

Why & How to Use Mobile Tech
Most U.S. small businesses say they couldn’t run without mobile technologies, according to Jolie O’Dell at Mashable. Check out this fun infographic to see how – and why – you should leverage mobile for your business.

Pitching Your Story to the Media? Warm Up with These Tips
Jon Gelberg over at Small Business Trends tosses around some good hints about getting your story out there.

Measuring Facebook Impact
How do you maximize and measure your Facebook marketing results? Facebook Measurements That Matter offers solid data that’ll help answer the question and let you make the most of Facebook. Check it out over at Vitrue.

Share Photos & Video on Twitter. Finally!
Just in time for your Yola site’s awesome image gallery (the one you’re going to make with the new Picture Gallery widget), Twitter launched its own photo sharing service. The marketing possibilities for your site are exciting, so read all about it right here.

That’s it for this week. We hope this is news you can use.

Like it? Want more? Want something different? Leave a comment right here on the blog to let us know. We’ll get right on it.

Happy Friday!

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  1. Is there a problem today at Yola? The new version of my site is saved in my account, but only the old version shows up online. Will you please post on here any updates you may be going through?

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