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Friday Roundup: Wisdom from Around the Web

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Your time is precious. So every Friday, we round up a few of the week’s best small-business strategy, web marketing, and tips for you to quickly scan, use, and just plain enjoy.

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50 Ways to Grow Your Site Traffic
Getting more traffic to your site is a top priority for every small business site owner. Check out 50 creative ways to make it happen in this helpful post.

Make the Most of Email Marketing
Now that you’ve got the Constant Contact widget at your fingertips, it’s easy to get going on an email marketing campaign. But first, read “4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Email Marketing” over at Small Biz Technology.

Better Business Blogging
Our new Tumblr Blog widget makes it easy to flow your biz blog right into your site. So what are you waiting for? Take a look at this great roundup on business blogs from Small Business Trends, then get going.

Your Own Business Vs. A Job
Every so often, it’s good to take stock of why you decided to be your own boss. Our friends over at The Small Business Blog offer up these reminders of the reasons it’s great to run your own show.

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