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Friday Roundup: Wisdom from Around the Web

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Your time is precious. So every Friday, we round up a few of the week’s best small-business strategy, web marketing, tips, and info for you to quickly scan, use, and just plain enjoy.


10 Ways to Be More Likeable Online

Great advice from the great Guy Kawasaki. Number 1: Listen. Numbers 4 & 5: Respond to comments (negative or positive). Number 6: Surprise and delight. Read on for the rest.

36 Secrets of Productivity

These unconventional thought leaders offer up unexpected productivity advice on everything from communication to brushing your teeth backwards.

What Every Entrepreneur Can Learn From Facebook’s Founder

Like or dislike, Facebook is here to stay. What can small business owners learn from Mark Zuckerberg’s approach? It starts with thinking in the long-term. Read more here.

Avoid Credit Card Processor Rip-Offs

Five important tips for choosing a processor who’ll help, not hinder, your small business.

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