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Create A Full Photo Gallery On Your Site – In A Flash

You asked for it, and it’s here. Our new Picture Gallery widget is a smooth, easy path to creating a full photo gallery on your Yola site.

No more dragging and dropping individual photos and resizing them on your site, or using a third party application to create a photo gallery. With the Picture Gallery widget, you simply drag and drop the Picture Gallery widget onto your site, select the images you want included in your gallery from your uploaded images or upload new images and you’re done! You can click the “Edit” button to change your thumbnail style, add new pictures, or edit your margins.

Picture Gallery WidgetPicture Gallery Widget

The Yola Picture Gallery widget is a great way to quickly add larger collections of photos to your Yola site. You can use it to:

  • Show off your work with depth and impact.
  • Demonstrate your results with before-and-after image galleries.
  • Share pictures of events you’ve hosted.

The possibilities are endless. The features are easy to use. The benefits are huge.

Our new Picture Gallery widget lets you:

  • Create a simple, elegant photo gallery quickly.
  • Automatically add large sets of photos to your site in batches, rather than dragging and dropping pictures individually.
  • Allow visitors to see your images as easily as possible.
  • Add hover caption text to your images to identify people, products, or processes (captions appear when your visitor’s cursor hovers over the photo).
  • Edit, reorder, add or remove pictures from your gallery, quickly and easily.
  • Choose from among four great styles to custom-fit your site’s design.

Want one more reason to try out the Picture Gallery widget? When you add fresh content to your site (like a new, easy-to-manage photo gallery), you can increase visitors and page views.

Check out the new Picture Gallery widget – and add even more impact to your site today!

  • That sounds great. I’m going to try it out today. Can you do slide shows?

  • Thank you the picture gallery should come in handy.

  • How much does the Picture Gallery cost and is it available for the free Yola clients? After my answer to these questions how do I sign up. Melba Castles

    • LauraT

      Hi Melba, the Picture Gallery is available for Yola Free users!

  • ya i tried to use the photo gallery and it wont show any of the photos what should i do?

    • LauraT

      Hi Keith, can you please email support@yola.com with your site address so we can assist you further?

  • Good work. Excited about the picture gallery!

  • Chris

    you can’t load pics with ( ) in the name,no problem easy fix -name change.
    The gallery view gets confusing when you have to keep moving around for the arrow,pics should be in main view window with arrow in one stable spot.
    my biggest complaint is the size of the gallery pics,so seem smaller than the original size.
    will there be any changes to this widget in the future?
    As a free member i am trying not to complain about something for free.

    • LauraT

      Hi Chris,

      You can absolutely expect to see changes and updates to the Gallery Widget in the future as this is the first iteration of it. We have already filed a number of feature requests based on member feedback and will include your comments as well. One request we filed in line with your comments is the ability to adjust the thumbnail size. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts!

  • Liz

    This is GREAT!! Thanks so much!!
    What is the maximum size (in pixels) and the best format (.png, .jpg, etc.) for images that are uploaded to the new picture gallery??

    • LauraT

      Hi Liz,

      We suggest .jpg and honestly I am not aware of a maximum pixel size. If you run into an issue uploading a larger file to your gallery, please contact support@yola.com and we’ll see if we can help!

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  • Patrick Spiteri

    Hello, Awsome new Feature , I LOVE IT !! Question will it be possible that once you click on the thumbnail the picture that appears could be bigger please? Thanking you in advance


    • LauraT

      We are working on that Nellas, thanks for the suggestion!

  • I have tried to use the new picture gallery widget and it looks good on the preview but has not shown up on the site after publishing it to the web. Am I doing anything wrong?

  • my last comment about picture gallery widget not publishing…solved…………operator error…oops!

    • LauraT

      Glad to hear it Steve, thanks for letting us know!

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  • looks great!! I’m going to try this out in the weekend when I have more time.

  • hi,can i make my pictures in a categories ?

    • LauraT

      Hi Toni,
      The best way to create categories is to use a separate Photo Gallery widget for each category you with to create.

  • wow yola is really getting awesome… l love how easy it is to make a website, easy to get around. to work with. and l have never had one problem with yolasite…. great job. can’t wait to try all new features… thank you

  • I love the picture gallery widget but is there any way that I can select the thumbnail image? Some of the thumbnail pictures on my site have cut off the models heads…

    • LauraT

      Hi Clair,

      Eeek! That is not currently available but I will be happy to log that idea as a feature request.