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Best of SynthaSite announces finalists

The finalists are up for the 2008 Best of SynthaSite contest.

Thanks for everybody who entered. We had so many great entries that narrowing them down to the finalists was a difficult one. We will be holding more contests like this in the future – so keep working on your sites and watch this space.

Only one vote per category is allowed, so make sure you choose wisely.

Voting closes on December 31st at 11:59 PST – Vote Now!


24 thoughts on “Best of SynthaSite announces finalists”

  1. As one of the finalists in the ‘Best of Synthasite’ contest, I wanted to say ‘Con-Great-You-Lations! to the other nominees sites, nice work. I also wanted to say to anyone that might still be undecided about Synthasite – Game ON! The the ease of use, the positive end results, and the overwhelming sense of accomplishment, are all worth more than the very little effort it takes to build and maintain your own site. In fact, there are only three things wrong with Synthasite, One; it’s almost impossible to not continuously want to improve your sites look and feel, Two; You’ll soon be addicted to Google’s ‘Analytics’, and Three; Blogging (sp?) is way too much fun!


    Take a look: – Wordblog

  2. I have to say that I am really grateful for participating as a finalist in the “Best Of” contest, side by side such awesome websites! It’s amazing what Synthasite is and what it enables users like myself (with very little web design experience) to accomplish!

    feel free to stop by and see for yourself:

    and go vote for the site you like best!

    Good luck and congratulations to all finalists!


  3. I’m a synthasite user and this is a is a really nice company that allows everyone to use there website tools, but sorry to say to synthasite: you really need to have some better templates – i went to the css templates that you went to get them from and synthasite could of got way more better looking templates then they have choosen, i also would like to say that – when is synthasite going to be able to have its users have users (for someones website to start to have his/her own websites)!

    I think synthasite is great for what they are doing – and having a contest in all, to the best synthasite (website).
    But how are we really having a contest when we really can’t have some more options!

    thank you synthasite!

  4. hello every body but no one comment in synthasite
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    comment every day i am comment every day because i love synthasite and you !!!!
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