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5-minute website fixes: How to edit and remove a logo from Yola Sitebuilder

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So here’s the situation. You sign up to make a business website with Yola, select a design from our Template Gallery and get to customizing your new online presence. You change up the copy, upload your own images and get your call-to-action buttons in order. You’re well on your way to publishing, but there one last step left to cover.

Your business branding.

You notice the Haystack logo displayed in the upper left hand corner, and you realize that will not do. How do you customize it to make it your own?

Upon entering Sitebuilder, click on the painter palate in the upper right-hand corner to open Style Designer.

Opening Style Designer in Yola

Beneath “Colors” in Style Designer, you’ll see “Logo.” Go ahead and select it and your logo editor will appear within Style Designer.

Editing your logo with Yola

From here, you have two options.

  1. Upload your own logo – If you already have a business logo you’d like to upload, that’s great! Simply click the “Edit” button, click “Select Image” and upload it here.
    *Pro tip: Learn how to create a logo with a transparent background.
  2. Remove the logo entirely – Whether you’re a new business without a logo or you’ve created a personal website and don’t need a logo, removing the preset logo within Style Designer is a cinch. To do so, click “Edit,” and then click “No Image.” From here, edit your Main Header and Site Tagline to suit your fancy.

Have any tips you’d like featured in our 5-minute website fix series? Let us know in the comments below!

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