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4 Elements of Amazing Web Design

After hours of brainstorming, you have successfully designed the skeleton of your site.  You have implemented the steps to engaging customers with good content, decided what you’d like to include in your headlines and sub headlines and jotted down essential keywords that will improve your search engine visibility.

You start to build upon a blank slate, when suddenly you’re stuck. You’ve strived for the perfection, nothing short of gasp-worthy. The problem you’re faced with now is the unpaved path ahead of you.

Where do I go from here?

Don’t you fret, you nearly expert site builder, you. We have the essentials to get you started.

1.  Homepage
Let’s say your SEO expertise lands you with a high rank in Google search results.  When a potential customer visits your site, if it does not grab their attention, it takes mere seconds for them to click that dreadful back button and for you to no longer have staying power.

Take a look at Uki Studio’s beautiful and modern design. It is jaw dropping, and leaves you wanting more. Whether it is a beautifully designed splash page or a funny banner, the initial grab of your visitors’ attention will encourage them to keep perusing through.

Uki Studio screen shot
2. Navigation
Once you have captured your visitor’s attention, maintain it. Don’t allow your potential customers to get lost by using vague navigation, use helpful terms such as “Home”, “Contact Us” or “Store” to help guide them to your pages. Having clear-cut, easy to follow buttons will keep your potential customers pointed in the right direction.

Kid Toc’s colorful and navigation hits the nail on the head.  It is easy to find, as well as easy to follow.

Kid Toc screen shot
3.  Contact page
A successful contact page not only displays how a customer can contact you, but also makes a customer want to contact you.  Instead of simply pasting your address and phone number, make yourself easily reachable by adding a contact form that asks for information that will help you close a sale or help a user.

Additionally, adding content that shows that you’re personable to your contact page will only be beneficial. PunyPixel demonstrates this beautifully by thanking their visitors for stopping by and adding fantastic testimonials. They even added a video and an email list sign-up form.

Punypicel screen shot
4. Social Media
Social media is one of the biggest marketing tools of this time. Adding Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest buttons to your site give the potential to increase traffic, sales and search ratings and is free! Be sure to place these buttons in a spot that is not easily overlooked.

Blanchard Media did a fantastic job by not only making their buttons big and bold, but also adding them to each page.

blanchard media screen shot
We trust that you will be well on your way to your perfect site in no time.  Let us know how these four elements of web design work for you.

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