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Improve Your Website’s Search Engine Visibility for Specific Keywords

Guest post by Ricardo Lasa, co-founder and CEO of SiteWit

With the millions of websites online today, how do you differentiate yours from the rest of the pack? How do you get customers or visitors to your site?

This is all done through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and through adding content and keywords to your web pages so that both people and search engines understand what it is that your website offers.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engines “read” your website, looking for keywords and relevancy. The algorithm then categorizes your site under that specific keyword.

Let’s say you are a general contractor who specializes in kitchen remodeling. Your website should be about your work. To improve your website’s search engine visibility for a certain keyword, such as “easy kitchen remodeling,” you may want to consider creating a page that targets the keyword specifically.

Here is a checklist that you can reference and complete as time permits.

Step #1 – Add a New Page
Within your website’s editor, find the link or option that will allow you to “Add New Page.”

Step #2 – Page Title and Heading
Name your page and or heading “easy kitchen remodeling.”

Step #3 – Update the Page’s Keyword Properties and Meta Tag
Look for a section called “Page Properties” or “Meta Tags,” and enter in ” easy kitchen remodeling ” in the keywords section.

Step #4 – Update the Page’s Description Properties and Meta Tag
Look for a section called “Page Properties” or “Meta Tags.”

In the description section add a short description of what your company does. Ideally, you’ll want to keep the text between 150-160 characters and include “easy kitchen remodeling.”

When Google returns this page as a match your visitor will see the Title that you entered in Step 2 followed by what you entered in the meta description.

Yola Page Properties

Step #5 – Add Content
Add your text in, using “easy kitchen remodeling” sporadically throughout the page. Depending on the amount of text, you’ll want to use it about 3-5 times in the page’s text.

Keep in mind that you are writing content for search engines AND people. Don’t be overly repetitive just to fit in keywords.

Step #6 – Add a Picture
Spruce up the page by adding a picture. When you add the new photo look for the section marked “Alternative Text,” and enter in “easy kitchen remodeling.” Here’s a tutorial on how you can add an Alt tag as well as other SEO tips.

Step #7 – Share on Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media
Share your newly created page with your friends, family and rest of your network! As an added benefit, search engines will often follow and index social links.

Social media share buttons

About Ricardo Lasa
Ricardo is a hard working serial entrepreneur that is highly involved in the technology and business community in Tampa Bay. Prior to co-founding SiteWit, Ricardo started Web Piston Website Builder, now one of the leading platforms for small businesses to build their website and market their products and services.

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