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Your website is hanging on our wall!

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We love our customers and the websites they make, so Pete, one of our founding engineers, felt inspired one day and wrote a script that he used to take screenshots of over 30,000 Yola built websites. He then compiled more than 10,000 of the images captured into this mosaic of the Yola logo to remind us of your awesomeness every day. The finished mosaic was printed on a huge canvas and is proudly hanging over Stacey’s desk in our SF office so everyone who walks through the door can bask in your glory.

Take a closer look, maybe you’ll see your site in there!

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  • http://8-3nt.net Gent

    Nicee Picc… :)

  • http://digital-retouching.net/blog.php Grace

    Yey! I love it so much:) The idea is really great. Yo all did excellent job on this:)

    Waah! I can’t see mine but I am so amazed with all these sites put together:) love it! love it!

  • http://www.libatraining.co.za Corne Basson

    Wow! What a compliment to all the users that such a brilliant engineer was so inspired by what we do with our limited knowledge! Love it.

  • http://PropheticNewsletter.yolasite.com Leisaza

    Unique and absolutely brilliant! I feel special, “Merry Christmas to me!” I’ll just take this opportunity to also thank your staff for assisting me with a beautiful website, and your tech support is top notch! Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  • http://MonsieurCarlPhotographer Carl Scholfield

    Well done guys and galls……looks great. Next time , think about projecting it, and saving a few trees !!!

    Merry Christmas to all in Yola, from frozen France



  • http://www.travelmoney-ptc.yolasite.com Aleksandar

    Super, great job!!!

  • http://www.gordonchoi.com Gordon Choi

    What a way to make a company logo!

  • http://www.yola.com/partners Mada

    Here is the original version of the photomosaic if you’re looking for your website :) It’s using over 10,000 images of user websites.


  • http://astarsports.yolasite.com/ jacob

    so cool ware is my sit

  • http://www.viethorizontravel.com viethorizontravel

    It’s an awesome idea

  • http://chukwuemekailouno.synthasite.com chukwuemeka ilouno

    Thank you for making it possible for me to have a web-site that is so beautiful and, at the same time, so simple to manage. I will surely bring this site- Yola.com to the attention of all my friends and well-wishers.
    I wish every one a happy and prosperous New Year- 2011!
    Chukwuemeka Ilouno.

    • LauraT

      Thanks Chukwuemeka, same to you!!

  • http://cadillacsmusicpage cadillac

    havent seen my website but the idea is very COOL!!! thanks yola

  • http://greattrailers.ca Amego

    That is the coolest idea yet!!!
    I want to thank everyone at Yola for enabling me to create a website with
    my limited knowledge thereof. Keep up the EXCELLENT WORK!

  • http://greattrailers.ca George

    Wonderful Idea! Doing a wonderful job!

  • http://www.greenermindsgreenerworld.com Jessica

    Wow!! That’s so neat!! Great Job! :)

  • http://www.careertesting123.co.nz/ Naomi Jones

    Awesome post.. thanks!!

  • http://www.pogosplumbing.com Jason

    awesum job!!

  • http://www.chriscakes.yolasite.com Chris

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  • http://www.chriscakes.yolasite.com Chris

    I want to thank everyone at Yola for enabling me to create a website with
    my limited knowledge thereof. Keep up the EXCELLENT WORK!
    @== ~:-( check out my site @ http://www.chriscakes.yolasite.com ~:-(