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Yola Custom Panel Secrets Part Three: Creating Images with Highlighted Borders

We’re excited to show our latest edition to the Custom Panel Secrets series – watch the video for the details!

What we’re going to show you today is going to be how to create images with bordered highlights for your small business website.

First, what we are going to do is drag and drop our Custom Panel Widget into our business website. Next, we will select a background image. Then we will adjust the background size – click cover to ensure the image covers the span of our custom panel widget and click the positioning to center.

Next up – border. Remove each border, and we will add in one on the bottom. But first, we will select a color. Now, bump up the size of your bottom border – we chose 11px. Then hit save.

Next up, we will add in some space to our Custom Panel Widget by dragging and dropping the Text Widget into our Custom Panel, and adding a few line breaks.

Now, we’ll preview it. Voila – we’re finished!

Have anything you’d like demonstrated via video? Let us know in the comments below.

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