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Yola Celebrates Mompreneurs

Today we’re honoring all of the moms in business who have created their website using Yola. These lovely ladies have the challenge of juggling family life with running a business.

We could only feature a few sites created by these hard-working dedicated moms, but to all the Mompreneurs out there, we salute you, Happy Mother’s Day!

Frosting Tutus

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Melinda specializes in turning cute little girls into adorable pouffy princesses with her colorful custom tutus. Her kids keep her plenty busy but she still manages to find time to create beautiful custom tutus and hand stamped jewelry, all while promoting her business online and at craft fairs. This Mompreneur has shown her marketing savvy by introducing new products on her website via prize giveaways on her Facebook page, helping her to gather buzz for her ever expanding product line.





Jo is a Mompreneur with a cause. She created adorable graphics for her kids clothing line, but she didn’t stop there. She insured her Puny Pixel characters would only be printed on certified organic cotton with eco friendly, low impact dyes and that they’d be assembled by a socially responsible manufacturer. On top of that she donates $1 from every purchase to various non-profit organizations dedicated to empowering children. She says “big change starts puny” but we think there’s nothing small about the impact this super mom has on her kids and the world around her.


Wolf Media Plus

Screen shot 2012-05-12 at 10.09.08 PM


Diane started Wolf Media Plus to help small businesses, non-profits and individuals get a custom designed website at an affordable price. This Mompreneur uses Yola to create websites for her clients and has found it to be helpful in achieving a harmonious work-life balance. Her business allows her to have a creative outlet while enabling her to be present to kiss every boo-boo and watch her three gorgeous sons grow a little more each day.

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  1. Happy day moms, mother, you give me the live, thanks , many thanks, i love my mother, thanks for the article

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  3. iklan says:

    i like this design

  4. Lisa says:

    I totally love PunyPixel, the second one. The colors are just so lovely!

  5. I love the this website design, its so cute. A many thanks for this.. LOVE IT.

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