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Welcome to Synthasite!

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I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the world of Synthasite. Over the next few weeks and months, we’re going to continue to build upon an exciting base, that we’ve just made public now – as an Alpha Release. Yes, we know it’s not perfect…yet, and we need YOUR help in driving Synthasite to become the de facto standard for Web Publishing. We’re looking forward to building our community of users and developers and your feedback in critical in this.

The Alpha release will give you a taste of what’s to come – and we’re continue to improve things like usability, speed, features & functionality – one step at a time!

I welcome you all to the future of software applications – on the Web!

Vinny Lingham
CEO, Synthasite

Official Press Release Follows:

Synthasite, an AJAX based Web Publishing Platform, emerged today from stealth mode. The 6-person startup based in Cape Town, South Africa was recently spun out from the incuBeta group as a separate stand-alone company that will focus on delivering a world class web based software platform for web publishing, focusing specifically on Widgets and Mashups. Synthasite looks and feels like desktop software, but remains firmly rooted in the browser with no reliance on client side technology.

Synthasite CEO, Vinny Lingham (Founder of a leading Search Engine Marketing company, incuBeta), said the following: “Synthasite’s Alpha [Tech Preview] release today was a milestone in the company’s aim to become the standard for web publishing. We’re releasing it at this early stage in order to allow the community to assist in the direction that we will take Synthasite and we are very excited about the potential for this space, especially with the rapid rise of Mashups and Widgets.”

“Synthasite ushers in a new era for web publishing; where people construct using existing building blocks, rather than build everything from scratch, and publish collaboratively from any machine rather than being stuck on a single PC or OS. We’re very excited about rapidly releasing many of the features on our extensive roadmap. We’re opening the Synthasite framework to the developer community so that they can build their own components and templates, and we will also be enabling source code level editing – although this will only be available in the Beta released, scheduled for Q4.”

Synthasite is also being tested on Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud, which in theory allows it to be infinitely scalable, although accounts will initially be limited.

Synthasite is currently being seed funded by Lingham Capital, incuBeta and Miombo Capital, all South African based investment firms.

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