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Website refreshment service by Yola

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Looking at your Yola Classic-based site, you may realize that it is outdated, and the platform on which it’s built is bulky, not ideal for mobile, and doesn’t support new features. Your website is still enough to maintain your online business, but it’s not enough to grow it. The UX could’ve been better, and SEO could’ve been improved.

You may have heard that Yola launched a brand new Sitebulder+, a website builder that allows you to quickly create professional-looking sites from both desktop and mobile. Maybe you even thought about trying this new product, but creating a new website takes too long that you get overwhelmed. Also, you don’t know whether you even can reproduce your website with the same features as you don’t know the new platform’s capabilities. 

Busy organizing your business, you might not have time or appropriate knowledge to refresh the site by yourself. And outsourcing someone to build a site on a relatively new platform can be time-consuming and pricey. 

So basically, you’re stuck. 

But we can help you unstuck.

The Yola team created a refreshment program for Sitebuilder Classic’s users who want to migrate their websites to the new Sitebuilder+ platform and get it refreshed for a moderate price. 

Our refreshment service is about taking the website-making burden off your shoulders and giving you an opportunity to make your business grow with new website design, better SEO, and better UX. Our verified professionals will do all the hard work for you. We will also teach you how to use our new platform (super-easy!) to benefit your business. 

Sitebuilder+ makes building a beautiful website a much easier task. Moreover, the new platform offers so many essential features missing in Classic, such as website backups, multilingual functionality, undo and redo actions, automatic mobile optimization, and more. 

The migration will help you achieve your goals – you’ll be free to expand new horizons of your business. 

Don’t take our word for it – see what our customers say.

“I was so pleased with the services offered on my website refresh for my Kettlebells business, I decided to use it again for my Bootcamp launching in January.

Not only does the website look great and function better, I was able to get advice on seo, commerce and usability. 

Great service at a great price! Thank you!”

Christian Vila

“Yola professionals are the top team’s dream.

Iryna’s attention to details and keen interest delivers fast satisfaction and makes Yola services stand out from the crowd.

I’d even recommend Yola Professional site builders to any competitor. All the tools available for your business needs are indescribable! 

This is true… Yolasite is an excellent resource. 

And it’s important to know how to use your resources!”

Sharee Robinson

“I couldn’t be happier with the upgrade to my site. It was so out of date looking and now looks absolutely fantastic!

Katie was amazing throughout the whole process. She consulted with me through every step and every page and was happy to make any change and work through any issues to make everything work just as I wanted.

In fact, I don’t think there is anything she didn’t do to make sure I was 100% happy with the end product. Which I am.”

Tracey-Leigh Davey

Ready to start? Apply for the service here.

Need more information? Read about the process.