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Three Tips to Help You Work in the In-Between

As of 2011, over 35 million people work outside of the office and still get work done. In today’s mobile economy, getting work done doesn’t necessarily have to be in the office, or even indoors. Aside from an increase in telecommuters, people often work in the in-between spaces where smartphones and tablets reign. Take advantage of technology and be productive wherever you go and take steps to help you get there.

Here are a few tips on how you can increase your productivity and get the things that are most important to you done at your own pace and wherever you choose to work.

1.     Your Commute
Realistically outline what you want to accomplish, personally or for work and see how your commute can help you. Read blogs, articles or books that are meaningful or draft your to-dos for the day. If you drive to work, listen to podcasts or learn a new language – self-improvement, or disconnecting from everyday stresses adds time to your day and helps you prepare for the tasks you have at hand.

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2.     Schedule Time Wasters
We’re in a social world, checking our social channels while waiting for friends, taking a break at work, on the bus, and out of boredom. Every minute can count – make your task list ready and available to you at any point in time.

If you’re a true addict, consider scheduling time for it to maximize the in-between time that you have or pick a day of the week to ban your time-sucks. Many modern companies and start-ups have adopted “no meeting day” policies to keep staff productive.

Maybe a No Facebook Day will work for you and give you the ability to work on things you care about most, especially while waiting for that dinner reservation. Conversely, you can have a Facebook Day where you take time schedule your content calendar for your small business.

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3.     Don’t be Alone – Partner Up
Starting a new company? Working on something outside of your day job? Studying for grad school exams? Want to build a website? Whatever it is that you are doing, find like-minded people who have the same core goals.

Meet with them on a monthly basis to discuss activities or create a designated chat group or Google hangout meet. You can learn from each other, rejoice in your successes, and get advice on problems or roadblocks. Listening to others can also help you stay focused on your immediate long-term goals.


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