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How to Have a Color Scheme that Matches Your Banner Image

Many Yola site owners often wonder how to select a color scheme that matches their site banner image. Doing this is very simple with Yola. We understand the importance of having the different segments of your site complement one another which is why we have included this functionality as part of our recently launched feature, the Style Designer. The Style Designer is a new and exciting feature in the Yola … Read more

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Yola Sitebuilder has had a facelift!

We’re excited to announce that we have made some new changes to the Yola Sitebuilder that will make it simpler for you to build and edit your website. Here’s what’s changed: 1.  You can now edit your website in full-screen mode! We’ve made it easy for you to switch to full-screen mode so you can maximize your available screen resolution. Just click on this icon to enable it: 2.  Our … Read more

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Announcing Exciting New Features in the Yola Online Store

The Yola Online Store has recently been upgraded with a bounty of useful new features to help you improve your sales and manage your site with ease. Most of these features went into effect automatically and others can be enabled in your site settings. The Top Six for Better Sales These six major new features are particularly good for improving customer experience and your sales: 1.  Enable customers to invite … Read more

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Introducing Flyover Menus

We are pleased to introduce a new website menu feature. This feature can be used to display second level menu items in a flyover format. This is a great way to manage sites that have many pages. You can configure your flyover menus now by visiting the Page Manager: Note: We are currently offering this feature on all of our Free Styles. Enabling this for our Premium Styles will require … Read more

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Customize your site

We know Yola site owners really like being able to modify and personalize their sites to meet their needs, so we’ve added some new features that provide even more choices. We’ve improved banners and backgrounds, added an option to take out the Yola Link, and added new Styles. Change your background We’re greatly expanding the number of Styles that let you change the background of your site. We also added … Read more

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