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Customize your site

We know Yola site owners really like being able to modify and personalize their sites to meet their needs, so we’ve added some new features that provide even more choices. We’ve improved banners and backgrounds, added an option to take out the Yola Link, and added new Styles.

Change your background

We’re greatly expanding the number of Styles that let you change the background of your site. We also added Apply to All, so you can easily use the same background and banner image throughout your site – makes it so simple to update everything at once. To learn more, go to Personalize your Style.

Remove the footeryolalinkremoval1

We love the Yola Link at the bottom of every page, but realize it might not be for everyone. With the new Yola Link Removal feature, you can take out the Yola Link from all current and future sites in your account for only $9.95/year. If you choose to remove it, you can do it from the bottom of your page within the Sitebuilder.

Try out a new Style styles_vic_flower

Check out two fantastic styles that take advantage of the above new features. They are named Flowershop and Victoria – try them out with the next site you build.

We have lots more features coming to give you even more customization, so check back on the blog, or better yet, join our community.

10 thoughts on “Customize your site”

  1. for god sake, its editing the css we want.
    we want ftp services that will allow our selves to replace files on our own.
    and at our own will.
    Giving us a drag and drop easy site builder isnt enough.


  2. tanveer is right. The templates are too limited. Plus, we can’t edit using advanced editing like edit using css or html. That way, it’ll be less dependant on the templates and allows people to create more professional looking websites. Also, you will earn more customers. SO POINT IS, if you have collected the fund, then please please enhance the features like said in above.

  3. yes i totally agree, what i need is the service where we can edit our own css. By simply giving a template that u THINK u like, doesn’t mean that we like it. Giving 1000 templates doesn’t mean you will be able to provide us with at least one that suits us 100%, what we wan is customizing it to our own preferences ourselves. And, no offense, i think most of the templates are really simple and dull, no creativity at all, is this what u expect us to be using?

    at first i thought i need to pay for having the css editing service, but now i know that yola doesn’t provide it, i really do need to think twice before paying. Maybe i might as well use blogspot or some other websites where i can really customize them to my heart’s content.

    (i have no offense, sorry if i’m speaking rude anywhere)

  4. Hi Pua,

    We like to think our templates are highly customizable. If you’ve been following along with our Featured Sites Blog Series you will see some of the most creative and original sites started out with our simplest templates.

    That being said, we are constantly working to add more customizable features and new templates so we do appreciate your feedback.

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