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Customize your page heading

You asked for it, and now we deliver!  Our developers have been working hard to bring you even more customization options for your page header.

On Monday we released our new Edit Heading tool.  Now you can customize your page heading in new and exciting ways.  Experiment with adding bold, italic, or underlines.  Change the font size, the text alignment, or even accessorize your header text with colors.

For our advanced users out there, we have even added a way you can upload your own font.  Clicking on the upload button next to the font selector lets you upload your own True Type Font (.ttf) files.

Explore and find out what works best for your style and company’s image.

Just move your mouse over your page heading and click on the “Edit Heading” link.


Yola Heading Editing


Unfortunately, Microsoft Internet Explorer does not currently support uploaded fonts.  For the optimal experience, we recommend upgrading to Firefox or Chrome.


  • What will IE readers see if I use a new font?

    • Abi

      Hi there

      None of the current IE browsers are supported for the custom font upload so if you’re using IE you wont be able to upload fonts. If you have users visiting your site with IE, they will still see the text, it will just be rendered in a default font. Hope this helps.


  • They will see a normal font i guess.