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Email address for your Custom Domain

We’re pleased to announce new features based on your feedback and interests – now you can set up personalized email addresses and easily manage multiple domain names – all at no extra cost.

Your own email

Yes, your very own email address
When you buy a domain name from Yola, or if you already own one from us, you can get matching email addresses for free. It’s ideal for building name recognition for your website.

Your personalized email address works with either Google Apps Gmail or Windows Live Hotmail, so you can choose the service that best suits your needs. When setting up your email, you’ll find it’s handy to print out the tutorial. Get started by downloading, Creating email addresses with your domain purchased from Yola.

Advanced Domain Settings
If you own multiple Custom Domain Names, or want to transfer a Custom Domain Name from one site is to another, you can do it with the Advanced Domain Settings Manager. Find out about it with DNS for your Yola domain.

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  • Please I would like to have my website basing on travel and tourism.

  • udeeni

    yes, there are very informative comments.
    anyway – why do You has no own email service – it has been more simple for setting up and web site integration for Your nice service? third-part solutions has no much guarantee.

  • I’ve owned my site and email, helene@healthypeople.com for ten years. Recently I’ve been with Go Daddy and will be transferring to Yola. I use Front Page 2000, but am redesigning my site from scratch… just trying to figure out your software.

    Question: what do I do about helene@healthypeople.com and medicalnutritiontherapy@gmail.com once I transfer to you? Is it free to own my own email if I own my site?

    Thanx so much 4 EVERYTHING!!!!

  • Monique

    @Helene. Could you contact support@yola.com so that we can assist you with the transfer of your domain and your email set up?

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