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Introducing Flyover Menus

We are pleased to introduce a new website menu feature. This feature can be used to display second level menu items in a flyover format. This is a great way to manage sites that have many pages.

Flyover Menu

You can configure your flyover menus now by visiting the Page Manager:

Page Manager
Note: We are currently offering this feature on all of our Free Styles. Enabling this for our Premium Styles will require additional functionality so as not to interfere with the existing two level menu feature. We plan to add this functionality to all our styles based on your feedback so check them out and let us know your thoughts!

26 thoughts on “Introducing Flyover Menus”

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  2. I’ve tried the flyover mode, very good in theory, but ran into a couple of important issues: (1) if you have any double quotes (“) in your menu text, it really messes things up, deactivating the whole menu functioning in non-obvious ways to fix… but I discovered to overcome this, you need to use the HTML code " and it then works fine! (2) normally when you have a sub-menu on other sites, the main menu item is not active by itself and it’s not likely someone would click on the main menu item when the flyouts appear — so I’d recommend/request that either the main menu item be deactivated by default, or even better, make it optional whether to have it “enabled” or “disabled” while still leaving the sub-menu items intact of course (the way it works now, you must have a page associated with the main menu item, which isn’t desired in most cases). Otherwise a very valuable/essential feature (needed for all styles).

  3. Further to my post above regarding double quotes, the automated posting process on here converted my HTML code to a ” mark rather than showing the code itself — so here it is again but with a couple of spaces to you can read it: & quot ; (thus you put these all together without the spaces to get a double quote in any flyover sub-menu or otherwise you’re in trouble using regular double quotes!)

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