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Spruce up your social networks for the holiday season

It’s a given that having a strong social media presence can positively impact your business. That’s even truer during the holiday shopping season.

Here are a few tips on how to amplify your social reach:

  1. Most importantly – start now! It’s important to build your base and create momentum before the busy holiday period begins
  2. Update your website with some seasonal images, but don’t go overboard – a little holly or candy cane goes a long way to show your customers you have something new to offer during the holidays
  3. Also customize your Facebook profile picture and/or Twitter background for the holiday season
  4. Create conversations in your social networks that relate to the holidays, such as “What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish?”
  5. Add useful holiday tips, ideas and stories to entice customers to spend more time interacting with your content
  6. Develop a personal relationship with your customers by sharing what you’re doing for the holidays – post photos, write personal stories, and more
  7. Don’t forget that people are always on the lookout for good deals during the holidays, so offer time-sensitive and/or exclusive offers that are only accessible from Facebook or Twitter

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