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5 ways to show your brand personality this holiday season

The holidays are nearly upon us, presenting a huge opportunity for you to demonstrate your brand’s personality through holiday campaigns. Whether you’ve clearly defined your brand’s personality, or if you’re still defining its attributes, now is the time to develop your brand and let its personality shine through.

In this article, we’ll detail five ways to have fun with your brand’s personality to engage site visitors throughout the holidays.

1. Festive logo
Your logo gives your business an identity and helps to build your brand recognition. What better way to catch the eye of your site visitors than to give your logo a festive-facelift? In fact, many big brand businesses that have done exactly that. Google is a great example of a company that has fun with its logo, in the form of their “Doodles,” to celebrate special events throughout the year.

Google holiday logo

Google Holiday Series 2013

We, too, like to have fun every once in a while!

We, too, like to have fun every once in a while!

You also have the option to update the look and feel of your site header to be more festive instead. That’s Barnes & Noble have done, by adding gifts.

Barnes and Noble holiday header

2. Demonstrate your culture
Your brand is more than just your logo and the colors on your website. It runs deep into the culture of your business. Make your business culture transparent to your customers, giving them a real feel for your company’s DNA. If you’re a fun brand, make sure to show to your customers how you have fun within your organization – the holiday season is the perfect time to do this.

2013 Yola Holiday Party

For example, if you’re having a holiday party, post pictures of the event through social media or blogging to show customers how you celebrated. Perhaps you had a Secret Santa amongst your colleagues, showing the gifts you received could also be something you share with your customers.

Yola Secret Santa, where all gifts had to be purchased from a Yola website.

Yola Secret Santa, where all gifts had to be purchased from a Yola website.

3. Limited edition holiday products
The holiday season is a great time to produce limited edition products that are available for a restricted amount of time. Offer something fun that represents your brand, or a festive spin on one of your best-selling products.

For Christmas this year, they ran a festive TV ad about Monty the Penguin. With over 20 million YouTube views, the ad was a massive success. Accompanying the marketing campaign, they also produced a range of Monty the Penguin merchandise for customers to buy.

Monty the Penguin

4. Email marketing
The holiday season is perfect time to communicate to your customers through email marketing. Festive promotions around sale time are a good way to maximize sales during the holiday period.

There are alternative options to displaying your brand personality through email marketing. Simply sending a “Thank you” to customers will show that you appreciate their business. Holiday campaigns like this will help foster a great relationship with your customers.

Thank users through email marketing

5. Social Media
Social Media is a great channel to show the personality of your brand. There are loads of ways to have fun with Facebook, Twitter and the other social media channels throughout the holidays. Why not have some fun by using a festive voice and injecting some holiday humor when communicating with your customers? Yorkshire Tea does this well with their Twitter posts:

Connecting with users via Twitter

Another idea is to run festive giveaways and games through the holiday season. This year, Marks and Spencer ran a Pass the Parcel game, which incorporated Facebook to win prizes. This helped position Marks and Spencer as a fun brand in the festive season and also created awareness for their christmas gifts.

Whatever initiatives or promotions you have planned this holiday season, make sure to have fun with them! ‘Tis the season to be jolly after all, and your customers will enjoy seeing the playful and happy side of your brand during the festive period.

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