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Skyline vs Super Flat: The key differences between our two newest Styles

Over the last few months we’ve launched two of our best and most flexible Styles yet: Skyline and Super Flat. In conjunction with our Style Designer, both of these Styles enables users to achieve a customized look, unique to each website. But what makes these Styles most interesting is what makes them different.

The main feature of Skyline, setting it apart from Super Flat, is the ability to have greater control over the “header” of your website. The header comprises of a few key elements: your website’s name or logo as well as its navigation.

With Skyline, you have the ability to change the header’s alignment, making it easy to align your logo to the left, right, top or bottom of your page. In addition, Skyline automatically adjusts the positioning of the navigation to fit perfectly with your logo alignment. Take a look at the examples below:

Header alignment left:

Skyline Left Alignment
Header alignment top:

Skyline Top Alignment
Header alignment right:

Skyline Right Alignment
Header alignment bottom:

Skyline Bottom Alignment


With Skyline, not only are you able to change the header alignment, you also have full control over the Header Padding and Width as well. These properties allow you to set the dimensions of your header, and how much space will surround it. If having full control over the positioning of your logo and navigation is what you seek, Skyline is the perfect choice.

Super Flat
If design inspiration is what you need when building your site, Super Flat is the Style for you. With 17 preset “Themes” you can easily change the whole look and feel of your website in just one click.

A “Theme” in essence is the skin of your website, changing the colors, fonts, and backgrounds site-wide, thus providing a cohesive look and uniform design. Super Flat’s coordinated color palettes and font pairings have been carefully selected to compliment each other, grabbing your visitors’ attention. These Themes are a useful feature if you struggle in the selection of colors or fonts.

Take a look at the examples below, where two different themes have been applied to the same website, completely changing its look and style.

Super Flat Mellow
This Theme uses a stunning background image coupled with the calming colors and clean fonts, transforming the website.

Super Flat Bold
Bold colors and fonts are used in this Theme to create a striking design.

Although Super Flat has 17 preset themes, it is worth mentioning that you can still use the Style Designer to select specific properties on all of our Style templates. Selecting a color can be done by using a hex color code or by picking one on the color palette.

Refining colors and fonts
Have some difficulty deciding with font and color choices? Skyline features Style Designer Basic Mode allowing you to click through a variety of presets making your choices a bit easier. Finally, matching your banner to a color scheme is also something you can do with our Styles

Now that you know the key differences between our two newest Styles, try them out to see which works best with your business branding. Your site’s transformation will surprise you.

One Response Skyline vs Super Flat: The key differences between our two newest Styles

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