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Change the look and feel of your site with Style Designer Basic Mode

Sometimes designing your website can feel overwhelming, especially when there are many, often confusing, factors to consider like body padding, header spacing, background texture and more. That’s why we’re excited to announce that we’ve made Style Designer even easier with new Basic and Advanced modes on the new Skyline Style template.

Basic mode allows you to change the overall look and feel of your website in a few easy clicks. You can alter your layout from full width, so your design extends across the screen, or a boxed layout, where it is situated on a background.

Choosing where your logo or website name positioning is also much simpler. By clicking the locations underneath Header Layout, you can effortlessly change how your logo and navigation are displayed.

Basic mode is also equipped with a variety of highlight colors and background textures, enabling you to easily change the overall theme and visual design of your site.

For more control on specific properties, such as the color and font size of headers, simply click Advanced at the top to display all the properties that you can customize.

We recommend that you limit your color and font choices to two to three so as to maintain a clean website design that is easy to read and navigate.

To use the new Basic mode, you can create a new site and select the Style Skyline by searching under the Style tab, then enter the Style Designer. To change your existing site to the new Skyline, simple search “Skyline” within the Style tab.

The video below highlights some of the amazing functionality of Basic mode and how to access it.

Video transcript:

To use the new Basic mode, make sure you are using the new Style Skyline by searching under the Style tab.

Next, enter the Style Designer.

With the new basic mode, you can change the page layout from full-width or boxed.

You can also adjust the position of your logo from left to right to top and bottom.

The style area allows you to choose to lighten or darken the content area of your site.

You can still customize fonts here.

Under Highlight there are a variety of colors you can choose for your navigation and links.

We also have a number of backgrounds and textures to help you get started. Keep in mind that these backgrounds will display only on the boxed layout style.

Simply click on the advanced button to see all the properties. Here you can still change items such as banner images, upload a custom background image or any of the properties you see here.

3 thoughts on “Change the look and feel of your site with Style Designer Basic Mode”

  1. Thank you Yola for your continual enhancements. I do like Yola’s flexibility and affordability.

    When I created my first website in 2001 I used a site builder through juno. I don’t remember the site builder name but it allowed me to place text, images, or logos anywhere on the page or header simply by click-drag-drop. The templates were okay too. A big problem was it’s stability. Since then I have tried several other site builders.

    Then I discovered Yola. It has been my best choice for a site builder that allows CSS, HTML, and ease of basic building. There isn’t much time for me to write code so I’m happy with Yola’s balance.

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