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Responsive Templates make for beautiful mobile browsing and added SEO value

It’s no secret that the mobile market is ever expanding. And with the much-anticipated Mobilegeddon, web browsing from any device will be easier than ever.

What’s Mobilegeddon you ask?

On April 21st, Google will release their latest algorithm, prioritizing responsive websites ahead of those that aren’t.

Bearing this in mind, the Yola team would like to ensure you that each of our Templates featured in the Template Gallery incorporate responsive design.

Responsive EnhancementsBut these responsive enhancements go beyond adding additional SEO value. They make for easy intuitive browsing on any device. These features include:

  • Site navigation that automatically adapts to any screen size. A condensed version is rendered on smaller screens to ensure that all content is visible.
  • Content columns that automatically wrap site content to ensure that content is visible without needing to zoom or scroll horizontally.
  • Font sizes that scale automatically to match any screen size. This provides an optimal reading experience.
  • Picture widgets that automatically resize to fit the available viewport. This removes the need to zoom or scroll horizontally.

And the benefits for Yola Silver and Gold subscribers come two-fold. Along with having intuitive responsive websites, premium users have the ability to add click-to-call and site location features to business websites making it even easier for mobile visitors to get in contact with you.

Yola Mobile Premium Features

These enhancements are available for any of the Templates in our Template gallery, as well as our Recommended Styles within the Yola SiteBuilder (these can be navigated here: Style > Styles > Recommended).

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 8.55.33 AM

Adding the responsive enhancements to your website is a cinch. Free and Bronze users, simply republish your website with any of these Templates and you’re set.

If you’re a Silver or Gold user, you’ll want to configure your business phone number and address to take advantage of your premium features. Hover over the Publish button within Sitebuilder and click the “Configure” link next to “Mobile Phone Publishing.”

Configure your mobile website with Yola

From there, click “Enhanced Mobile Styles + Location Tools,” add in your address and phone number and click “Save.”

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 9.15.48 AM

Go ahead and republish your site and you’re set.

Google has created a test allowing website owners to verify that their sites are mobile-friendly. Go ahead. Publish your site with our responsive enhancements and put your site to the test. You’ll be delightfully satisfied when you see this message strewn across the page:

Google mobile-friendly test

29 thoughts on “Responsive Templates make for beautiful mobile browsing and added SEO value”

  1. You need to know those with the old style blogs will not do well with this Google update….I started this months ago and the only fix was to delete the old style yola blogs

    1. I dont know enough ,or even understand enough to go around changing..If ur all THAT,why dont BigDaddy just go ahead and do these changes..if they are good I for one would be fine with it
      I am wary of Widgets,don’t even like the word…Change?Too many App drama..

      1. I’m probably in the minority but Google users are not my business priority. People comeing to my site come because I’ve already told them where it is or the systems they use automaticaly seek the site without intervention. Google’s reputation is also worsened recently with my clients and they are already useing alternative search services.
        The idea of adaptabilty makes sence for genral useabilty reasons so its worth going though the process if you rely on templates that may have floundered some browsers before. Though my site tried to avoid to much complexity in the presentation markup delibratly to avoid causing problems to both simplified and older browser systems, from the begining. I also tried to adhere to the original fallback markup for complex presentation features like A full alternative page here and , alt texted images, and alternative menuing and/or fallback when useing ismap’s and cgi linked images etc.

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              1. also – I can’t seem to manage the verification step for the test. They say “upload this verification page to your website” but I have not managed to do this – I downloaded it but am clueless how to upload it in the right way for this test. Can anyone help with short instructions

                1. Do I have to change the style I am currently using to one of the responsive templates? If I do will all the modifications and customisations I have made to my site be exported? Or will I have to start all over again? I already have mobile publishing on my site, but haven’t seen the message bar saying that my site is mobile friendly.

                  1. Hi Alda. While you’re not using one of our responsive enhanced templates, you are using our mobile functionality and your site is therefore mobile friendly. However, if you’d like to change your Style, you can easily do so whenever you wish. When you do this you will not lose any content from your page. It will all be transferred over to the new style. However, if you have added a custom background or banner, you will need to re-add these if the new style allows for this option.

                  1. Hi Daniel,

                    We do not have any Styles with the name VideoPro. Is the account you’re using with Yola? If so, any of the of the Styles within the recommended tab (Style > Styles > Recommended).


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