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How to choose a font that represents your brand

Very few small businesses appreciate the power of choosing the right font for their brand. Most small businesses stick with whatever default option they find and miss out on a great opportunity to make their business stand out from the competition. Knowing which typefaces are most engaging for online visitors can mean the difference between engaging your customers and losing their attention.

Some typefaces give off a pleasant aura to web pages while some are unpleasant and hard to read. As a website owner, your goal is to communicate with your customers in the most compelling way possible. Taking the time to pick the right font that represents your brand and encourages your visitors to engage with your website should be a priority when building a website.

Through Style Designer, Yola offers a variety of fonts that you can use to represent your brand effectively online. From Dancing Script to Raleway, there is a wide selection of beautiful fonts in Sitebuilder that can enable you to style your website effectively.

When selecting the right font for your brand, it is important for you to first decide if you would like serif fonts or fonts without serif. In typography speak, fonts are classified into serif and sans serif to classify fonts that have strokes and fonts that don’t have strokes respectively. For instance, take a look at the fonts below; Georgia and Helvetica. Georgia has some subtle decorative strokes that differentiate it from the plainer font, Helvetica.

You can make a decision on if you’d like a serif font or a sans serif font to match your business’ brand. If your goal is to communicate with your readers via text as quickly as possible, sans serif fonts tend to be easier on the eye and enable you convey your website’s message in a simple and clear manner.

Similarly, if you have a minimalist and simple brand, sans serif fonts will help you maintain your brand personality. You can use serif fonts if you are more interested in showcasing your brand’s personality. Serif fonts are memorable because they are stylish and help your words in a sense, leap out of the web page.

Fonts are also a great way to convey emotion. Some fonts can help you dramatize a message and quickly get your visitors attention while some are more subtle and gently remind your visitors of a given action or message.

When picking a font style to evoke certain emotions, be sure to ensure that you match these emotional triggers with your overall brand. For instance, you might confuse your visitors if you use a font that evokes a sense of danger for your website if your business’ brand is inspiring and uplifting. The emotional response your website’s fonts evoke should be complementary to your brand.

In addition, when choosing a font, pay attention to the amount of spacing between each letter. Some fonts have letters that are nicely spaced out while some have letters that are more hurdled together. Both types of fonts can have different appeals to your readers and it is important that you pick a font and spacing that reinforces your brand. Check out the various examples of some popular fonts below and how their spacing affects how you read the sentence.

Fonts Compared

Now that we’ve shared tips on how to choose fonts that represent your brand, you can go into Sitebuilder and play around with the fonts in Style Designer. Remember, the key is to make sure the font conveys the same message you want your brand to represent. Let us know your favorite fonts in the comments!

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