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Giving your site a successful makeover with the help of hidden pages

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Giving your site a proper revamp is not so scary, especially since you’ve gotten the details on the science behind font choices, adding SEO value to your site pictures and how to make a custom footer like the big brands.

You just have one problem – you can’t afford to take your website down for “construction.”

Keep in mind that any edits made to your site will not go live until you click the “Publish” button. Now, let’s say you have a personal trainer website and make regular updates to the class schedule on your homepage. Or maybe you’re a contractor whose availability varies on a day–to–day basis, and you update your website to reflect this frequently. How do give your site a refresh and still publish your daily updates?

We’ve got a work-around to give your site a facelift, without suffering from any downtime.

The answer is hidden pages.

What are hidden pages, and how can they help me?
A hidden page is any page placed on your website that is not included in your site navigation. Because it is not linked from your site, users will not know that it exists unless they have the specific URL.

By hiding your pages throughout your revamp, you have the capability of reviving your old site without having your new edits displayed to the public until you’re ready to do so. This way, you can get your makeover accomplished, and continue updating your forward-facing pages.

There are two ways to begin (it’s like choosing your own adventure).

Option 1: Start with a blank page
If your website makeover involves getting a completely fresh start, you’ll want to start with a new page. While in Sitebuilder, click on the “Page” tab and click “Navigation.”

Adding hidden pages with Yola
From there, click “New Page” in the bottom left hand corner.

Creating a new hidden page on Yola
Next, type in your page name, page heading and un-check the box titled “Display in navigation.”

Removing your page from your navigation on Yola
Your new, hidden page will now have been created, and you’re ready to get started!

Option 2: Start with a previously built page
Let’s say you’re not quite ready to create a completely new page, but you’d like to revamp one you already have. Hiding duplicated pages is no problem.

While in the page tab, click “Save Page As.”

Duplicating page on Yola
Next, simply add your page name and heading (same as above). Be sure to un-check “Display in navigation” to keep your page hidden.

Once you’ve clicked “OK,” your duplicated page will have been created and is ready for your edits!

After you have completed your site remodel, un-hiding a page is just as simple. Go back to Page > Navigation, and you will see any hidden page will have a red “x” next to them. Click the x’s turning them into green checkmarks, and your page will appear.

Unhiding pages on Yola
Be sure to either hide or remove any pages that are being replaced by your fresh ones.

Once your revamp is complete, go ahead and publish your site to make your new creation live – your site visitors will be ecstatic by its new look!

Yola Bronze, Silver and Gold users all have the ability to created unlimited pages on their websites. What are you waiting for? Your site is ready for its makeover – are you?

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