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Featured Website: Lisa’s In Home Daycare

Lisa Barker worked hard setting up Lisa’s In Home Daycare, and she did so on a tight budget and an even tighter timeline. Making changes to her home, landscaping her backyard and getting her daycare certified were understandably her top priorities. After completing all that work, she was able to find her initial clients easily through her network and by utilizing traditional local marketing practices. Once those avenues were exhausted, she realized she needed to reach a wider audience and fast.

As she learned, creating her website was one of the easiest parts of setting up her entire business! In less than a couple hours she had a website published to a custom domain featuring the same logo she used on her business cards and other print marketing materials. Using the same imagery throughout provides a clean and cohesive look to her business. Once she found the style that best suited her needs, the other pieces fell into place by simply changing some of the text and photographs that were preloaded for her.

She invested a couple more hours to follow the tips and suggestions in our SEO tutorials with an emphasis on optimizing her website for local search. This will ensure that a family in need of a home daycare provider in her area will find her first!

We love how Lisa kept it simple. Setting up a business website doesn’t need to take a lot of time or cost a lot of money, but the presence you create for your business online will lend a sense of legitimacy and put you ahead of your competition. Plus, we believe a website is never truly finished, so as Lisa’s business grows, her website can easily grow with her.

Lisa's In Home Daycare

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