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Featured Website: Going vintage with Corrinne Williams

Corrinne Williams is a vintage gem in a modern day world. She sings tunes from the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, but she’s keenly aware that she needs more than posters and word of mouth to help secure bookings for shows and events. Her challenge was to make a music website that makes her discoverable and accessible to booking agents while instantly conveying her classic sound and appeal. 

Using Super Flat, one of our most customizable website templates, Corrinne selected a full bleed, black and white image of her singing in a glamorous stage setting, which sets the tone for the rest of her music website. This technique is best suited for simple, yet strong, visuals that makes a defined statement about a brand. In this case, the image selected serves to introduce us to the artist as well as to demonstrate her unique, vintage appeal. 

Corrinne Williams
“I wanted my site to explain my business through the images I have used,” said Corrine. Browsing through her music website you can see her strong use of photographs to tell her story. She’s found that many clients who have contacted her through her website want to base the theme of their upcoming events specifically on the images they have seen.

Corrinne knows that her potential customers are not only looking for a vocalist, but rather an entire experience. Therefore, her website branding is quite critical in attracting the right kind of clientele. Her website branding also confirms that she can add sophistication and elegance to any event.

Being able to create and maintain her website herself was crucial to Corrinne. She decided to pursue her music career full-time two years ago and needed a good value for her music website. Pricing and customer service were both critical factors for her decision to make a music website with the Yola website builder. 

“I had customer service on live support throughout the building of my website which was fantastic and really helpful. I have a site that looks like it’s worth thousands at a fantastically low price with service that cannot be bettered,” Corrinne commented when asked why she chose Yola to build a website.

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