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Featured Website: Going organic with Helsing Junction Farms

Helsing Junction Farm (HJF) showcases the bounty of the produce they grow and sell for their Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program using simple yet stunning photography.

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Annie Salafsky and Susan Ujcic are the farmers behind Helsing Junction Farm. Together, they share a vision for the brand of their farm that includes clean lines and beautiful photos. Their black and white logo, by Nikki McClure, sets the tone for their artistic website. Their goal was a minimal design with a focus on bold pictures that would highlight the quality of their vegetables. Photographing their produce on a white background and combining it with black text creates a clean, vibrant and high contrast display that is consistent with their logo.

HSJ’s Partner page  illustrates their commitment to other farmers and local artisans in their area. Linking to their partners from this page (a great tactic to improve SEO through link partners), promotes their local business and demonstrates a level of integrity for all involved. It also serves to establish them as experts in their field and shows their commitment to their community. 

Incorporating a searchable database on their Cook page encourages their members to look up recipes for items they may be unsure how to prepare from their CSA orders. They can also search for recipes shared in previous newsletters. Not only is the recipe search a wonderful service for their customers but it keeps visitors coming back which increases their site traffic and can lead to more sales. This is an invaluable resource that makes their website a destination! 

“We have gotten a lot of positive feedback about our website! Because we are a farm, we don’t have an actual storefront, so we wanted our site to be very attractive and to pull customers in. Yola has been so supportive and helpful in the building of our website. The customer service and easy to use widgets and tools were what made us choose Yola. We found the Sitebuilder to be extremely easy to use and we loved that we could make our website exactly how we wanted it. Thank you for supplying the building blocks that has made it simple for us to build our website to our very own specifications. Our vision for our business has been brought to life thanks to Yola!”—HJF

One Response Featured Website: Going organic with Helsing Junction Farms

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