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Exciting new changes

To all our loyal Yola users!

Happy New Year!  To start off 2011 right, we’re pleased to announce some exciting changes to Yola’s overall offering.  We’re working day and night to bring you the best way to build and manage your online web presence and we are continuing to be the market leader in our space.  We have signed up over 5m users worldwide and launched Yola in 5 additional languages:  Spanish, French, Portuguese, German & Italian!

To our Yola Silver members, we’ve just added:

Unlimited Premium Styles

You have unlimited access to any of our Premium Styles.   Choose a Premium Style from the style gallery and apply it to your site.  You can use a Premium Style on all the sites in your account.  Now you’ll be able to use any premium style you want on any of your 25 sites.

Premium Phone and Email Support

If you need a little help, talk to or email a live person from our award-winning customer support team.  You have access to English phone support for up to 90 days from purchase and all year round premium email support, which moves you up in the queue and receives a human response in less than 24 hours.

Additionally, in the near-future (within the next 4-6 weeks), we plan on introducing more features, including:

  • Custom site CSS
  • Sub-menu site navigation
  • And much more!

And of course, let’s not forget the great features that the Yola Silver package already has:

  • Custom domain name (.com, .net, .org, or .biz)
  • Yola footer logo removal
  • Advanced site visitor statistics and analytics
  • $100 worth of free credits for logos and advertising

At the same time, along with these great new features, we have also had to raise the price to $99.95/year.  This is a great value and is still very competitive with the market.

Q.  How do I get these new features?

A.  As an existing Yola Silver customer you will automatically have access to all these new features effective immediately

Q.  I already have Silver, will the price change affect me?
A.  No.  Although the price of Yola Silver is increasing to $99.95/year., as a valued customer you will pay the same price on your next renewal.

Thanks again for all your support in helping Yola become the global icon for easy to use website development!

9 Responses to Exciting new changes

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  2. Craig Dadamo says:

    Cool, I’m looking forward to these updates, but how do you figure you’re the “market leader in your space” considering that some of your competitors are larger and already offer the features you’re currently developing?

  3. Vinny, thank you for this exciting news!

    As an existing Yola Silver user, I am really looking forward to Yola’s Custom site CSS and Sub-menu site navigation features.

    May you and the Yola Team go from strength to strength during 2011.


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  5. When will the sub menu site navigation be ready? I have been teaching myself how to build a website for only 4 months now. I do not know what “Custom Site CSS” is? Could you please explain?

    Thank You!

    • LauraT says:

      Hi Jennifer,

      Being able to customize the CSS refers to the ability to more easily change or format the style of your website template. We are hoping to launch the sub munu functionality later this month or in February 2011.

  6. Nolundi says:

    been trying to understand and get all the creativity on how to build my website…trying something new is like riding a bicycle for the first time… will be there…Yola site is shifting things for my knowledge and will keep on changing my designs…wording still a bit of a problem though!

  7. Rob says:

    Hello, by sub menu do you mean drop down menus that you can have on all pages automatically w/o having to paste code on every single page?

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