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Take Pro-Quality Photos – All It Takes is $12

There’s nothing like professionally produced photos to help sell your work. Don’t have the extra funds lying around to hire a photographer? Here’s a great way to achieve pro-level beauty shots on a shoestring budget if you’re ready to get your Yola site product photo gallery going.

With just $12 worth of supplies and a window with natural light, you can set up a mini photo studio in your home or office, and snap great-looking, studio-quality images of your products.

Here’s all you need (plus a camera, of course!):

  • A wide roll of aluminum foil
  • A t-square
  • A cardboard box
  • A piece of tracing paper
  • A 6-inch spring clamp

For the step-by-step instructions, including photos, check out Handmadeology’s excellent post. (And a hat tip to photographer Mariano for sharing the info.)

Then you can set up your image page on your Yola site with our new easy-to-use picture gallery widget.

Let us know when you set up your gallery—we’d love to see it.

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