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Congress introduces MarbleCoin as mandatory ecommerce currency

In an effort to stop cyber crime, Congress has signed a bill stating that all goods bought and sold online must soon be done in one, central form of currency – MarbleCoin. MarbleCoin is the new, innovative form of currency that comes in a similar shape and form of marbles. Starting this evening, online stores worldwide will be converting their current prices to that of the spherical stones. The law is said to also have a dual effect in helping to sustain the US Postal Service.

Throughout this post, we will give you the details on how the transition will be made, the details on the currency and how it’ll affect your online store.

marblecoin truest form
The transition

When it comes to online shopping, the user flow will remain the same until the shopper reaches the checkout screen. On the checkout screen, the user will be notified of their outstanding MarbleCoin balance. The shopper will then retrieve MarbleCoin and ship them from their local post office, receiving a receipt of shipment. On this receipt will be a verification code that the shopper will key into the online store’s checkout screen, which will then prompt the online store’s shipment of the product.

A few important points to note regarding this new form of currency include:

  • MarbleCoin distribution – Receiving MarbleCoin will be just as easy as receiving cash. Starting tomorrow, you will be able to obtain MarbleCoin from ATMs, post offices and any gumball-machine-converted MarbleCoin dispenser on the way out of your local grocery.
  • MarbleCoin shipment – Shipping MarbleCoin will be just the same as shipping any other product. Upon acquiring your currency, simply haul the load to your local post office and your online purchase will be at your door in no time. Yola will foot the bill for all shoppers shipping the MarbleCoin to a Yola Online Store.
  • MarbleCoin Meters – Want to skip the line at the post office? A MarbleCoin Meter is the perfect solution. Simply weigh your MarbleCoin from home, and order a MarbleCoin pickup from your post office.

It’s important to note that MarbleCoin have a tendency to roll when dropped. Prevent spillage with a Yola MarbleCoin Bag – order now for 50% off your purchase!

Your Online Store

When it comes to your Yola Online Store, the transition will be seamless. At 11:58pm PST, April 1, 2014 all online stores will automatically be converted to MarbleCoin, leaving you with hassle-free service.

MarbleCoin conversions will be at the going rate of 256 MarbleCoin to 1 US Dollar. If you wish to adjust your converted prices, you may do so at precisely 11:59pm PST April 1, 2014. For more information on currency conversions, check out our Yola MarbleCoin Converter!

MarbleCoin on the Yola Online Store
Have any questions? Check out our MarbleCoin tutorial for more info!