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Build Your Website Webinar Review

Earlier this week, we had the pleasure of hosting our second “Build Your Website Webinar,” where we gave users the step-by-step process of building a professional website in just 30 minutes. We are pleased to report, thanks to the many users who attended, the webinar was a complete success.

We were pleased with the feedback received and the user engagement throughout the presentation was astonishing. Thanks to everyone who attended!

After the 30-minute site-building demo, we hosted a Q&A for the remainder of the hour, answering as many pending inquiries we could get to in the time period allotted. Because we had so many great ones, we decided to add the most common ones here for your perusal.

How do I find a custom color code?
Upon opening Style Designer, you will see a variety of properties available for customization. For example, to change the color of the selected state of your navigation links, click on “Navigation (Selected),” and you will see a box full of colors pop up. The right hand side of the box is a bar for you to drag to the color of your choice.

Once you’ve decided on a color, drag the circle in the square on the shade you’d like. Once you’ve settled on a shade, voila! There you have your six-character custom color code.

Build your website - Color Codes
In addition, there are different tools available, such as Adobe Kuler to help you pick an array of complimentary colors and their designated color codes.

How do I change my current Style to Super Flat?
Changing your site from Style to Style is easy! Simply click the “Style” tab at the top of Sitebuilder and in the search field, type in “Super Flat.” Click on Super Flat, and watch your style change.

Build you website - Style Selector
Keep in mind that you will have to continue customizing from here. If you have custom code, changing Styles will certainly affect it. You can always create a new site to test out Styles, layouts and other elements before switching your live site.

Can I update my website once it’s published?
Editing your site once it’s published is just as easy as the first time you published it. Any edits made to your site can be live with just the click of a button. Whenever you’re ready for your updates to go public, click “Publish” in the right hand corner Sitebuilder, and your new site will be live.

How can I password protect a pre-existing page?
Let’s say you’re a fitness trainer who has a site full of workout regimens. After your SEO boosting techniques send your site skyrocketing up the search engine ranks, you decide to make your workout routines only available to those who pay for a membership. You’re now in the market for a password-protected page.

Click the “Page” tab at the top of Sitebuilder, and click “Navigation.” Your Page Manager will pop up, displaying each page you’ve created for your site. Locate the page you’d wish to password protect, and click the lock symbol between the checkmark and edit button. From there you are able to set your page’s login and password.

Build your website - password protection
Build your website - Add login info
Will we be able to watch a recording of the presentation?
We do not have a video available to send out to users at this time, but you’re in luck! This webinar is just one of many that we plan on hosting in the future. Our next Build Your Website demo is scheduled for Tuesday, December 17th at 10:00am PST – save your seat here!

Although we know there were plenty more questions, we hope this brings some clarity to those of you looking for site building tips. Let us know in the comments how our webinar helped you advance your online presence, and what you would like to see in future demos to come.

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