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7 things only website owners would understand

1. How you feel after you built your own website.

My website is done.

My website is done.

Sentences now start: “If you look at my website, it’ll say the same thing…” and also end in “that’s definitely on my website.”

2. You now speak in URLs and acronyms.

URL, yeah... I know what that means.

URL, yeah… I know what that means.

When you publish your very first website, the excitement is unbearable. You tell everyone and read up on all the Internet-speak to make you sound like a tech-savvy small business entrepreneur. You find yourself putting your website URL on everything – email signatures, checks, even on birthday cards. Oh yeah, you’re hip to it.

3. Once you hit publish, you sit back and let the leads roll in.

Let the leads roll in.

4. You search for your site on Google and can’t find it.

Why isn't it there?
Why isn’t it there?

How could they lose such a work of art?

5. You realize there’s a thing called SEO.

Oh no, more work?

I have to do more work? You’ve got to be kidding me.

5. You learn about keywords.

Can't be that hard.

Can’t be that hard.

You’ve just got to add them to your website and your metadata.

6. You get really excited about call-to-action buttons.

Calls to action? I got that covered.

Calls to action? I got that covered.

So many colors and sizes. Where do they go? I must know.

7. People start coming to your website. 

I now have customers!

I now have customers!

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