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5 Yola Online Store adjustments to boost your sales

Building a great website is part of the battle, in some cases, the other half is an Online Store. A lot of our customers see a lot of success using the Yola Online Store. Still, as any small business owner knows, you can always do more to optimize your online store and boost your sales.

Here are our five best tips to improve your Online Store and make it easier for your website visitors to buy your products.

1. Optimize your images

First, if you don’t have them already, get them. Images are essential to an online store and for customers making purchase decisions. Invest in quality images for the products that you are selling.

For the images you do have, make sure that they are not too big or take a long time to load. In a lot of instances, .GIFs can be heavy files and may take a long time to load. We’ve written an article that explains the differences between image file formats that could be useful to you. In essence, the less time it takes for a customer to get to your products, the easier time they will have to purchase.

2. Give detail to your product details

A lot of times, storeowners will struggle with product descriptions. You’ll want to spend time writing good content for your products. Use this space to explain your product’s specifications and benefits.

You can see in the example below, one of our customers (InfiniteAloe) has added a good amount of detail to the product description, indicating fragrance types and restates the benefits of the product and buying in bulk.

Never Have Dry Skin product descriptions

3. Categorize your products

Make it easy for your customers to browse through products by separating them out into different product categories. You can do this buy adding categories within your store. For example, if you sell apparel for Men, Women, Boys and Girls, you can create a category for each of these items then add specific products to each segment.

You can also add in “Related Products,” much like Amazon does. While categorizing your products, you can also add in which products you’d like to display on the same product page. This encourages visitors to add more products to their shopping cart and may increase the number of purchases within one visit.

4. Easy navigation

In a previous article, we discuss how website navigation impacts the purchasing behavior of website visitors. For online store’s it’s the same. Making it easy for visitors to browse your store is one of the best ways to boost sales.

When you add your store to your website, choose one product category per page. In the example below, Yola customer Hannah Walker has segmented the different types of jewelry she sells onto one page with all categories and then each category has a separate page of products.

Hannah Walker jewellery Navigation

5. Have clear returns and refunds policy

Pleasing everyone is a difficult feat, which is why some of the best stores have a good return policy in case customers are unsatisfied with the product. Make your refund and return policy explicitly clear, by adding a page to your site that shows how to return products or how refunds work.

Even if your returns and refunds policy is that you don’t accept returns, make it known by adding a page to your site that outlines why each sale is final. Visitors appreciate this information.

Have any questions about optimizing your online store sales? Ask in the comments below. Also feel free to share any other tips you have that can help boost online store sales.

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