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5 Ways to Get More Repeat Online Purchases

It tends to be easier and cheaper to encourage existing customers to buy again from your online store than it is to acquire a new customer.  Check out these five ways to get more repeat online purchases.

1.  Regularly update your offering

Introduce new products to your catalog to keep your customers interested and your store fresh. Regularly updating your website and blog will also help your SEO as search engines love fresh content.

When a new product or line is added, make sure to let your customers know by emailing your mailing list or announcing the new products/features on Social Media.

2.  Create a relationship with your customers

Creating a good rapport with your customers will mean they are more likely to return and purchase from your store again. Consider creating a blog, adding a forum to your website or creating a Facebook business page so customers can easily connect with you.

Transparent customer service where customers’ questions or problems are solved quickly will establish you as a trustworthy seller and will convince customers to purchase from you again.

Transparent customer service through social media

Keeping customers informed by communicating about their order status will also create a positive customer experience. Let your customers know when their order has been placed and shipped by sending email notifications directly from your online store.

After a product has been delivered, proactively follow up with your customer to make sure they are happy and encourage them to write a review. Your customers will appreciate the level of service and be more likely to return and purchase again, as well as tell their friends about their positive experience.

3.  Incentivize repeat purchases

Create loyalty and generate repeat purchases by incentivizing customers. For example, offer free delivery on their next order, a percentage or dollar amount off their next purchase or a free gift if a customer places more than three orders. The opportunities for incentives are endless.

If you’re looking for an online store, you may want to consider one that allows you to create coupon codes for repeat customers that only apply to an order from an existing user.

coupon codes for repeat customers

4.  Start cross-selling

If a customer has bought an item from you, offer them related products at the time of purchase or after purchasing to encourage additional buys. For example if you are selling necklaces online, offer them matching earrings in their order confirmation.

5.  Make repeat purchasing convenient

Shopping from your online store should be an easy and seamless process for your customers. Allow them to purchase an item without having to create an account and make sure your order form isn’t too long. You only want to ask a customer to submit the information you actually need to complete the purchase.

Order completion time can also be cut down by offering PayPal as a payment method, with their credit card details already stored, checking out can be made even faster.