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5 small business wins to jump-start your summer

yola_newsletter_heroWhether it’s a sandwich shop in a college town or a kayak rental in a travel hot-spot, when it comes to a physical storefront, the summer season has the opportunity to dramatically affect businesses both positively and negatively.

But, as the owner of a business website, you have the opportunity to determine the destiny of your own business.

Make this summer a fruitful one – we have five ways to get you started.

Get mobile-ready

While Mobilegeddon was a hot topic back in April, if you’ve yet to make your website mobile-friendly, let the summer season convince you to take the leap. With mobile traffic surpassing that of desktop, take into consideration the amount of computer-free summer-vacationers who are browsing the Web while out of town. Are you willing to miss out on that traffic?

Check out our responsive Templates and newest mobile features to ensure your blooming business is ready on all fronts.

Combat a slow season with summer promotions

If you sell a product or service where business historically slows down over the summer (you could sell the highest quality goose down coats in the world but the sun will always be tough competition), seasonal promotions can help keep business moving.

Decide on an attention-grabbing promotion, then promote it through SEM and email marketing campaigns to stay fresh in the mind of your audience.

Let your brand voice shine

Create brand loyalty this summer by showing your audience a glimpse of the life behind your website. While having an about page within your site is a great way of showing customers who you are and what you’re about, there are many additional avenues that can help take your following to the next level.

While you may already be taking advantage of social sites such as Facebook and Twitter to amplify your brand voice – next on the list is Periscope. Use this innovative new app to live stream various aspects of your business globally. Once you gain traction, your followers will get a push-notification each time you decide to broadcast.

Don’t forget to add your Periscope handle to your website!

Consider a revamp

If you anticipate a slow season, take this time to give your website the makeover you’ve been waiting for. Checkout our free eBook detailing different ways to easily spruce up your site in 5-minutes or less.

Need extra help? That’s what we’re here for. Get a 5-page professional website made by the experts with Yola Premier.

Spend some time on yourself

Being a small business owner, you may not have time to venture out on a summer vacation (after all, someone has to man the ship!).

That being said, studies show happiness directly impacts your workplace success. Even if you can’t get away, give yourself a day (or two!) to do something you enjoy. And give yourself a pat on the back while you’re at it. You work hard, and you deserve it.

7 thoughts on “5 small business wins to jump-start your summer”

  1. Very nice article. By paying yourself, you’re taking your business seriously as a venture whose success or failure matters—not just a hobby that might or might not take off, and “who cares?” You’re also giving yourself a taste of what it will be like when (not “if”) your business can actually support you…maybe even make you rich.

    Taking your business seriously affects the way you think of it, the way you act and the way others respond to you. Do what you must to make your business real to you.

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