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Yola now integrated with Twitter and Facebook

One of the most common requests we get at Yola is from people who want to know how to attract more visitors to their website. A great way of doing this is to add a post to your Facebook wall or your Twitter stream telling people that your site has changed.

Up until recently you the only way to do that was by trotting over to Twitter or Facebook and adding the update. Not any more though. You can now post your Twitter and Facebook updates directly from Yola.

How to post to Twitter and Facebook directly from Yola

After you update your site and publish your changes to the web, you can also add in the news of what’s changed and send it directly to your Twitter profile or Facebook wall.


The first time you do this you’ll be asked whether you’re happy to let Yola connect to your account. When prompted, click “allow” and your story will be posted. You only need to do this once so next time the story will go straight out.

This is a great way to help keep your fans updated when your site changes and to bring more visitors to your site. We hope you enjoy it and keep your eyes peeled for more things from Facebook soon.

2 thoughts on “Yola now integrated with Twitter and Facebook”

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  2. Good post about Twitter. I think Twitter is going to be one of the best networks because of the fact that it is supported by so many industries. I also think when Twitter reveals some of it’s new functions, returning traffic will increase to show the real growth of the network. Keep up the great work!

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